A big Hellause to all you RUPsies out there and Welcome to those who'd like to join us!


The RUPs, too are getting started again after a long pause and are looking forward to see all the old and new faces!

We'll have our very first meeting for all of you who want to join for a new production in our beloved Theater an der Uni on Sunday, 26th of February 2023 at 4 p.m.


Yes, it's a bit short notice, but don't worry - if you can't come but are interested simply contact us and we'll keep you posted!




The RUPs


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Cast and Crew of "Sense And Sensibility" 2020
Cast and Crew of "Sense And Sensibility" 2020

A few words from our current director, Jamie Kohen

A lot of pictures of our plays

An almost complete list of plays and projects we have done over the last fifty years


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