Hello RUPs and RUPs’ Fans, past, present and future!


It’s been quite a long time since you have heard from us, but we have not simply disappeared into thin air. No, we are still alive and well, just dormant due to Covid-19.  

It has been a crazy time, hasn’t it? It doesn’t seem quite real that so much time has passed since the RUPs were last on stage. Unfortunately, we are going to ask you to bear with us a little longer, as we will not be back on stage right away.


We had hoped that we could get back to normal this semester, but I am sure you all know why that isn’t really possible. The uncertainty of the situation has led to our making the decision to relaunch our group in the summer semester 2022. We want our members and our audiences to stay healthy. We want out performances to be unhindered by the checking of 3-/2-G regulations and the wearing of masks. We want to avoid having to cancel performances at the last minute due to illness/quarantine among the cast and crew. We want to be back on stage, but not under just any circumstances!


We miss putting shows together and being on stage. We miss our lovely audiences and your laughter and applause. But that will make it all the sweeter when we “meet” again in the summer.

All of you students, whether you have been in the RUPs before or if you are looking to join us, stay tuned for more news. We are planning a meeting for January 2022 so that we can see who is interested in joining the group (actors and crew), and perhaps we will get started on our summer production (if conditions permit). 




The RUPs


Contact: Jamie.Kohen@sprachlit.uni-regensburg.de or jamiekohen@hotmail.com


Cast and Crew of "Sense And Sensibility" 2020
Cast and Crew of "Sense And Sensibility" 2020

A few words from our current director, Jamie Kohen

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